Q&A – Jean Jullien


Who was your favourite wrestler and why?

I liked Hacksaw Jim Duggan because he had a stick to hit his opponents with!

As a youngster, which artists inspired you the most or had the biggest influence on your decision to become an illustrator?

There were lots, but I always was blown away by Moebius’ work, especially on l’incal.

Who are some of your favourite contemporary illustrators and artists?

There are plenty of great ones: Yann Le Bec, Yu Nagaba, Sanaak, Daniel Frost, Jean André, Andy Rementer, Josh Cochran, Ping Zhu, Olimpia Zagnoli, Matt Blease, Grotesk, Mrzyk and Moriceau, Grotesk, Gwendal Le Bec, Thibaud Herem, and many more.

Do you have a spirit animal? If yes, what manner of beast is it?

No, but I really like gargoyles.

Which film made you cry the most as a child?

Gremlins, it terrified me for years!