Q&A – Rob Flowers

Were you a fan of professional wrestling as a child? If so, what are your fondest memories?

A massive fan! I’m a big toy collector too so a lot of my fondest memories revolve around playing with my Hasbro toys. That and sitting through months of watching the big stars like Hulk Hogan beating up jobbers until you finally got to the see big match up at either Wrestlemania, Summer Slam or The Royal Rumble.

Who was your favourite wrestler and why?

My favourite wrestler is Jake the Snake Roberts. He was the perfect combination of a great ring worker, awesome gimmick and his promos are just amazing! Most of the other wrestlers were really shouty and high energy (I’m looking at you Ultimate Warrior) but Jake’s mic work was masterful in how low key and menacing it was.

As a youngster, which artists inspired you the most or had the biggest influence on your decision to become an illustrator?

I was a huge Garbage Pail Kids fan as a kid, and the work of the artists involved in that had a big influence on me. I also was (and still am) really into Dr. Seuss, I love how weird everything he created was.

Presumably, you have a ‘Nerd Cave’ of your own, but what are the top three unusual or precious items stored within your cave?

Yeah, I do have a nerd cave. I collect toys so I’ve got a lot of stuff at the studio. Seeing as we’re chatting wrestling, I’ll give you my three most precious wrestling related items – I’ve got a pretty good collection of WWF memorabilia, including figures, merch and t-shirts

1 – 1990 Hullk Hogan satin jacket which, for obvious reasons, is awesome.

2- Tonka 1990 Ultimate Warrior Wrestling Buddy.

3 – Wrestlemania 1 t-shirt featuring Hulk Hogan and Mr.T, my favourite t-shirt in my wrestling collection. 

Do you have a motto or code of conduct that you live your life by?

Not really. I guess, “don’t be a dick” is something to always bear in mind when you’re out and about…