Q&A – Yema Yema

Were you a fan of professional as a child? If so, what are your fondest memories?

Yes, I was, I actually remember being 7 or 8 when my uncle (at the time he was 12 or 13) got the hulk hogan and ultimate warrior action figures, that’s how I came acquainted with wrestling and was hooked since then. We used to use a mattress as a ring and play. I did not care that I was a girl, I thought the show was real and wondered.. why do ppl like boxing! Wrestling is better!!

I loved douches like Razor Ramone, I loved tough guys like Stone Cold, Goldberg and Bam Bam Bigelow.  I obviously loved all the creeps and weirdos like Vampiro, Mankind , the undertaker, and Demolition !!  And of course, for me, it was just too funny when the Misfits and ICP started wrestling!

As a youngster, which artists inspired you the most or had the biggest influence on your decision to become an illustrator?

I was into comics and cartoons quite a bit. But I guess once I was in college and was introduced to more stylised illustration and animation (not so much your typical superhero/Disney style) more things like Aardman animation, Studio AKA and other European agencies that were doing more experimental things. That’s when I saw the potential of creating something more unique.


Who are some of your favourite contemporary illustrators and artists?

So many! I tend to love everyone’s work. I guess I just see the artist touch in most of the things I see and like. But I guess some of my favs are Chris Lee, LouLou and Tummie, Rob Flowers, Trudi Castle, Fellipe Martins, Johan Vinet, Heather Penn and many more!

Are we alone in the universe or, in an infinite universe filled with infinite possibilities, are there other intelligent lifeforms out there somewhere…

Infinite possibilities and of course we are not alone! I like to think that there is so much more. Stranger, smarter things out there.

Do you have a motto or code of conduct that you live your life by?

Work hard and Relaaaax. Sometimes they don’t mix hehe.