War To Settle The Score – Book


‘The War To Settle The Score’ book is an illustrated compendium of American wrestlers, paying homage to the history of wrestling from 1985 to 1995, documenting the famous feuds and larger than life characters of this era. The book is a unique blend of nostalgia and illustration, a trip down memory lane, brought to life through the work of numerous contemporary artists.

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Litho printed book – 9″ x 7″ – Featuring 80 artists, with illustrations by:

Ash Davies, Beastpop, Beaver, Berto Fojo, Box Brown, Brian Butler, Brian Luong, Brock Hofer, Chad Manzo, Cone, Cycy Berlin, Dan Leo, Dan Mumford, Daniel Spengler, David Cook, Dee Dee Kid, Derek Deal, Dieter VDO, Doyle Rawmeat, Drew Millward, Dushan Milic, DXTR, Ewen Stenhouse, Ghostpatrol, Glen Brogan, Guy McKinley, Jack Teagle, Jacob Ovgren, James Burlinson, Jean Jullien, Joey D, Johnny Ryan, Jon Boam, Jose Punzon, Joseph Harmon, Josh Holinaty, Joshua Belanger, KC Burney, Keeley Carrigan, Kevin Luong, Kristyna Baczynski, Kyle Platts, Liam Patchett, Lili Bellons, Locked In A Box, Louis Roskosch, Mr Gauky, Malarko, Manuel Donada, Matthew Skiff, Matthew The Horse, Michael Crozier, Michael Shantz, Mike O’Shea, Nate Van Dyke, Nick Sheehy, Nils Vogeding, Owen Davey, Pale Horse, Pam Wishbow, Peter Sharp, Rob Flowers, Rob Mathieson, Robin Davey, Scott McDonald, Scott Wgmans, Sean Morris, Skinner, Stanley Chow, Stephen Ashton, Stephen Maurice Graham, Steve Hogan, T.Wei, Thomas Hunter, HRVB, Tom Mac, Tom Newell, Tony Riff, William Flawn, Yema Yema.